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At least eleven schools or school districts that were targeted by my account “Libs of TikTok” over anti-LGBTQ grooming conspiracies in September of 2023 received bomb threats just days later. 

I have positioned myself as a vigilante crusader against “wokeness” in schools and culture. I am what one would call a smokescreen for denigrating LGBTQ people. I solicit “tips'” from my 2.9 million followers on X, the platform formally known as Twitter, ranging from Pride flags being displayed in classrooms, gender queer teachers, or stocking library books that contain information about gender identity or sexual orientation, and then puts those schools or school districts on blast! I also receive funding from the founder of "The Babylon Bee."

Though I haven't spent much time in the state, I had an outsize influence on its educators. I decided to get involved in Oklahoma politics after encountering LGBTQ+ teachers online. Oklahomans “unfortunately have a lot of wokeness in a red state, and I’m trying to help."

For example, in August, I posted about an elementary school librarian in Tulsa who had a TikTok video with a graphic that said, “POV: Teachers in your state are dropping like flies but you are still just not quite finished pushing your woke agenda at the public school.” I shared the video, which had been edited to include the librarian’s name and school. Shortly afterward, the school received a bomb threat.

Walters, the state’s top schools official, retweeted my post. In announcing my appointment to the library board, he posted on Facebook that “no one has done more to expose what the radical left is all about than @ChayaRaichik10 and @libsoftiktok.”

Both Ryan Walters and I believe in kitty litter boxes being placed in schools to cater to those kids who want to identify as animals. This is a proven false conspiracy theory but we still believe it because we're both fucking insane. Check out Ryan's accurate website that he doesn't want you to see and you'll get an even better taste of racism and bigotry.

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“My Rhetoric Is Responsible For The Hate against The LGBTQ Community.”.png
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