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As Libs of TikTok, I’ve been responsible for sparking bomb threats, property damage, shooting threats, written and verbal harassment and other forms of violence against individuals, hospitals and schools across the country — including in Oklahoma where Oklahoma Superintendent Ryan Walters hired me to handle the "Wokeness." In my profile picture on X (seen above), I’m proudly holding a newspaper that reads: “When Libs of TikTok posts, threats increasingly follow.”


In a podcast interview about the violence that follows my posts, I smiled and said I’m proud of being called a stochastic terrorist — someone who inspires supporters to commit violence by demonizing a person or group. So, it’s not out of line to say that yes, I had plenty to do with the death of Nex Benedict. 


Students who are terrified of being bullied have made it clear that the bullies follow me on Libs of TikTok! There, I’m able to push my agenda that gays are evil which spreads out to all of my followers. Then, my followers bully anyone who is gay, trans etc etc. 


I hope you enjoy this website that will breakdown how awful I am and how I will continue to be a catalyst for as many hateful events as possible. The full website will go live very soon.


Meanwhile, take a look at highlights of my interview with Taylor Lorenz. I am remarkably stupid and this interview shows how I have zero capability to exist outside of my fascist online bubble when pressed by a real journalist. Seriously, it's embarrassing how fucking stupid I am in this interview. Byeeeeeeee!

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